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    My Personal List of Travel Hacks


    When traveling, experience can be your best ally in saving both money and headaches abroad. Reflecting on our early months traveling, we cringe at the costly mistakes we made. Here are some tips we've gathered to spare you from the same situations.

    Traveling the world is incredibly liberating. While spontaneity has its charm, here are some backpacking tips we learned during our year abroad.

    Tip 1: Only Book Your First Two Nights

    Picture this: you find what seems like the perfect Airbnb—modern, spotless, with free high-speed wifi. But hold up! The serene setting belies the neighboring farm's roosters and a pig pen next to your bungalow wall—details the reviews mysteriously omitted. To avoid such surprises, consider booking just a couple of nights initially. This strategy offers two advantages:
    • A stable home base while you explore better accommodation options nearby.
    • The chance to snag a great deal by paying cash directly to the host.

    Tip 2: Focus on Value Over Deals

    Don't always chase the cheapest option. Spending a few extra dollars can get you a private Airbnb with cooking facilities and a good night's sleep, far superior to a cramped hostel bed. Value matters more than the initial price tag.

    Tip 3: Walk 100 Meters to Save 50%

    Prices drop significantly just a short walk away from tourist hubs. In places like Krabi, Thailand, beers and sunscreen can be half the price with a little exploration. Plus, the quality of food often improves away from crowded tourist spots.

    Tip 4: Approach Expensive Tours with Caution

    Many tour operators oversell their offerings. Instead, consider local experiences; they often provide richer, more authentic adventures. When booking tours, scrutinize every detail—what's included, what's not, and always negotiate.

    Tip 5: Err on the Side of Kindness

    Travel tests patience. Amid cultural differences, remain patient and respectful—even in frustrating situations. Most people are kind and helpful; don't let isolated incidents cloud your view.

    Tip 6: Eat Where the Locals Eat

    Local eateries often serve tastier and more authentic dishes than touristy restaurants. Street food, despite misconceptions, is often fresher and safer than overpriced alternatives.

    Tip 7: Prepare for Health Issues

    Accept that at some point, you'll likely deal with food-related illness. Plan downtime for recovery; don't risk exacerbating the situation by venturing far from facilities.

    Tip 8: Start with "Easy" Countries

    Begin your journey in countries with less culture shock to acclimate gradually. It's cost-effective and eases travel fatigue before tackling more complex destinations.

    Tip 9: Indulge in Home Comforts

    Occasionally craving familiar comforts is natural. Whether it's a familiar meal or a lazy day with Netflix, indulge guilt-free before returning to exploration mode.

    Tip 10: Buy Abroad Wisely

    Most things can be purchased abroad, but expensive electronics are better bought at home for warranty and support reasons.

    Tip 11: Assume Something Will Be Stolen

    Stay vigilant against theft; use secure pockets and travel insurance. Minimize risks in crowded areas and be prepared to react if something goes missing.

    Tip 12: Pack and Wear Practical Shoes

    Invest in sturdy, comfortable shoes—they're essential for exploring unfamiliar terrain and preventing foot injuries.

    Traveling teaches invaluable lessons, but avoiding common pitfalls can make your journey smoother. Learn from our mishaps and make your adventures more enjoyable. Have you embarked on a round-the-world backpacking trip? Share your experiences with us!